If you’re wondering why web design San Antonio is important, the answer is pretty easy – all your competitors have already found out about it and they’re using it right at this moment. Having a good web design for the website of your company is very important, not to mention that a facelift for your existing website could generate more traffic to it and it could transform more visitors into active customers.

These things are very important when running a business, but they are also important for those who simply want to get more people to access their pages, when they’re offering products, services, information or anything else for that matter.

Let’s see some things that you have to pay attention to when asking for web design.

The Navigation

Imagine that you access a website that uploads very difficult or it has many pop-ups that are annoying. What do you do? The answer is easy – you leave that page. The same should be valid for your website. When you ask for your personal website to be designed or re-designed, make sure that it works perfectly.

There are many types of navigation that web designers could choose from, but make sure you have something adequate for your type of website, considering very carefully what it is that you are offering people.

A simpler approach enlarges the access to regular users – keep in mind that not everyone is accustomed to scrolling through a Windows 8 type of view, so make sure that you offer your clients something simple and easy to use.


If you’re into the business area or if you have a personal logo that you use on business cards or any other printed material, make sure you have it inserted in your website. It will be easy for people to see the business card, see the website, and associate one with another. The website that you have is the business card of the online environment – the image that visitors see is very important, and something personal like the brand logo could improve your branding process.


San Antonio SEO should be present in every website. A good web designer will know how to implement it, because there are certain analyses that can be run to determine the exact keywords for your domain of activity. However, make sure that the content is relevant to your users.

People have the tendency to spend less than 10-15 seconds on a website where they don’t find something interesting or one where the design is to aggressive or full of pop-ups and ads.

Make sure that the most important information, and the newest, is placed at the top of your page. This will keep your visitors engaged and interested in what you have to offer. The more content you add, the more people will seek you out.


Speaking of SEO, it’s also important to speak about content. We’ve already said that you need to have regular updates on your content, but we’ll also explain why. The SEO comes from search engine optimization and this can be done only with the right content. It’s not enough to insert just the right keywords, because this won’t necessarily take you to the top of results.

The information needs to be rich – meaning it has to contain things that people are interested in, things that are related to your business and, most importantly, free information. All in all, it needs to have a high value.

Apart from this, a website that has constantly updated content will be more visited by the search engines, increasing their ranking in the search results.

In the end, building your website in the best possible way will also help you in building the trust that customers have in you and your business. Web design can do all these things for you, and with a thorough research, you could do even more. Let a San Antonio web design agency help you.